Sheba Perfect Portions Wet Food

Though my Tabby Cat is sweet enough to not wake us in the morning, by far his favorite meal of the day is breakfast. He waits patiently outside the bathroom, then proceeds to wind his way through my legs as I stumble to gather his meal. So when I found that his eagerness would evaporate as soon as he saw the wet food I served him, I knew I had to make a change. After all, he deserved it for knowing when his parents needed to catch a few extra Z’s on the weekend!

Though it was a bit more expensive, my friends with cats told me they had great success with Sheba Perfect Portions wet food. Well that did the trick! No more half-eaten meals and no more forlorn looks. Each Sheba Perfect Portions package comes with 2 individually wrapped portions, that give a satisfying snap when separated. (I have never seen my cat move faster than after hearing it!) What is great about this is that there is no need to buy the plastic food saver caps to separate breakfast from dinner. On top of that, there is no more guessing at what a half-portion is of the canned wet food, it has already been measured out for you!

Sheba Perfect Portions comes in a variety of flavors in both Pate and Cuts. Though my feline prefers the Pate, most other Cat Parents I have spoken with say their cats prefer the Cuts. Either way, cats seem to love these meals, and coupled with the convenience, this far outweighs the slightly higher price point.

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