There has been a shortage in the cat food department recently. I’ve heard other users mention that they’ve been having trouble finding cat food they normally use since the beginning of 2021. However, while local stores were mostly out of Fancy Feast Marinated Morsels 24 pack that my cats love, Amazon had them in stock until a few months ago. We are now about to start our fourth month with being unable to find the cans my cats like, even on Amazon (at least without having to pay crazy inflated prices charged by scalpers. Yes – we now have cat food scalpers that want $2/can of marinated morsels fancy feast that was like $0.50 per can before the shortage started.

We are currently buying Fancy Feast Grilled Seafood 24 packs, which are my cats second favorite on Amazon. Hopefully, the supply chain that is affecting the Marinated Morsels is resolved soon, but the Grilled Seafood one has been a savior as they refuse to eat most other wet cat food. Meanwhile, these packs are good for a bit over a year, so having a few in the pantry in case these get hard to find is always a good idea.

Other choices that my cats like are Poultry and Beef Grilled Pack 24 count and Poultry and Seafood Collection 24 count. All the choices listed here are significantly cheaper than my local Stop & Shop up to 27% per can (depending on the which can you want) – that is before accounting for additional discounts offered by Amazon for Subscribe & Save items.

In conclusion, if your fur babies love

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