Clyde in a laundry basket

Clyde was the first kitty we chose for adoption. Originally named Monroe, he was a tiny kitty born in a shelter to a feral mom. He was the last of the litter to be adopted. 

We initially chose him by the way he was looking into the camera. When we went to meet him, his personality did not disappoint.

Silly Monroe, got so excited when we went to visit him that he stuck he paw through the cage and got stuck a bit.

He’s the leader of the cat pack. When we serve foot, he will let others eat first before he does.

Clyde is having a lazy day

Clyde wants me to play with him now!

Clyde is like a child. He wants me to play with him now… not later.

Clyde is looking at me but listening to something behind him

Clyde is scanning around…

Clyde is always on the lookout so that none of the other kitty monsters sneak up on him. He and Sheldon often get into elaborate play fights. His pink nose really stands out here.

Clyde is waiting for me to finish work

Clyde is bored waiting for me…

Clyde is waiting for me to finish working. He loves attention… but today, working is taking longer than he’s used to.


Bonnie The Cat


Bonnie is the part two of the iconic duo at our house. She was Clyde’s cellmate at the shelter. She was feral kitten just sitting as far into her cell as she could hoping nobody notices her.

We chose her because it seems like Bonnie (who did not have a name given to her by the shelter because she was only there a short time before we came) and Clyde (aka Monroe) had a connection.

To this date, Bonnie still behaves like she did that first day, hiding most of the time. However, she loves being petted… a conflict in this paradigm.

Bonnie is looking as uncomfortable as ever...

Bonnie looking as uncomfortable as ever…

Bonnie feels comfortable in only a few places in the house… anywhere else, she’s a wreck when anyone else is in the same space. I walked into the living room to find this silly mess.

Bonnie The Cat

Bonnie came to be petted… but still extra cautious!

Bonnie is always on the run, always scared. This day she came to be petted on her own and stayed for a while… though she was still cautious enough to listen to whatever is happening behind her.

Bonnie is looking surprised

Bonnie is looking surprised…

Bonnie hates having anyone looking at her. She loves being petted. So the best scenario for her would be for me to find her with my hand without looking at her directly – the purring won’t stop.


Sheldon The Cat

Sheldon was born at a friends house after they adopted a stray who happen to be pregnant. We adopted a kitten they were referring to as ‘Curious’ – and were told that this little boy gets into everything.

When Sheldon was old enough, we brought him to get fixed. The doctor called us back a short time after drop-off to say that there was a problem with our boy – he’s actually a girl. Surprise!

We didn’t change the name as now she was responding to it and we found the story to be fairly amusing. So Sheldon is a silly girl.

Sheldon stealing my food

Sheldon stealing my food…

Sheldon wasn’t even in the room when I started having breakfast while working. I turned around for a minute when i went back, I found this little monster eating my breakfast 🙂

Sheldon is being a sunny cat

Sheldon is enjoying a ray of sunshine…

Sheldon loves sunshine, she finds every sunny spot she can. It really brings out her eyes.

Sheldon showing her tongue

Holiday Makeup Looks

Sheldon is one of the most curios creatures I’ve ever met. She gets into everything… but she’s also silly. I found her just sitting like this on my daughter’s desk.


Cat backpack - black, with clear plexiglass front

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