A catpack is an adventure waiting to happen

I was a bit of a skeptic when i first saw these pop up on the internet… However, after running into several very happy users of these catpacks in stores and outside, I decided to see for myself and order one. After hours of agonizing over choices in slight design differences and size, I settled on this one:

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Why? This pack offered optimal size/feature combination. I wanted a pack that is big enough to fit my largest panther that is in the 18lbs range. I also did not want to sacrifice much in the breathing holes. This particular pack offers air vents on both sides, on top as well as in the plexiglass portion. The bubble that you see in the plexiglass cover is removable and while it has 3 air holes in the bubble, you can replace it with a grate full of holes (comes with the pack and easy to swap out one for the other via a ring that can spin on/off by hand)

Testing and impressions

I took all three of my mini panthers for a walk, the level of nervousness was nearly nothing. They were mildly suspicious on why they were being placed into a bag, but once picked up and the bag was over my shoulders, they enjoyed the ride as we went on the walk around the block.

The bag easily doubles in size via an extra zipper. Nylon mesh that creates a tent provides extra air throughput.

A battery powered fan will alleviate any other concerns with getting enough air.

The cat-backpack was easy to wear. The straps felt solid and had a clip to connect them together across the chest. This helps against sliding straps.

Fits kids and adults alike, just make sure you the kids are responsible when they carry any pets in the pack.

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