Your cat: Link to sanity in lock-down

Six weeks into the Coronavirus lockdown, I find that the anchors that help with keeping my sanity are the cats. I have three including two all black mini panthers and a tuxedo kitty. They often lounge around my work space, sometimes seeking attention, sometimes just keeping me company while i type away at completing the endless list of tasks.

I really came to appreciate what the kitties were bringing during the more frustrating days at work. I noticed that if I got frustrated with the task, one of the cats would climb on the table and headbutt me a few times. As much as to say : relax, it will be ok, you’ll get through this.

Clyde – the tuxedo kitty, is the leader of the pack and always takes the charge in calming everyone down. As I spent more and more time in lockdown, I noticed that Clyde would stay with whichever person was having the most stressful day that day. If my daughter was stressed about her homework, he would stay with her… you get the idea.