Sheldon is sleeping in an open suit case my daughter was playing with

Sheldon loves sleeping in open containers…

Sheldon loves all open containers… boxes of all sizes. Today she found an open Disney Suitcase that my daughter was playing with and couldn’t get enough of staying in it 🙂

Sheldon stealing my food

Sheldon stealing my food…

Sheldon wasn’t even in the room when I started having breakfast while working. I turned around for a minute when i went back, I found this little monster eating my breakfast 🙂

Sheldon is being a sunny cat

Sheldon is enjoying a ray of sunshine…

Sheldon loves sunshine, she finds every sunny spot she can. It really brings out her eyes.

Sheldon showing her tongue

Holiday Makeup Looks

Sheldon is one of the most curios creatures I’ve ever met. She gets into everything… but she’s also silly. I found her just sitting like this on my daughter’s desk.

Sheldon digging her nails into my fingers

Silly Sheldon showing her tongue

Sheldon is showing her tongue while putting her sharp nails into my fingers.

Sheldon licking her mouth

Sheldon licks herself while sitting on her shelf…

Sheldon is licking her nose/mouth while sitting on the 45 degree mounted shelf (a part of a three shelf set)