Bonnie scared as usual

Bonnie hates when people look at her…

Bonnie is only comfortable when you are no looking at her. For a cat that is scared of everything, she

Bonnie is looking as uncomfortable as ever...

Bonnie looking as uncomfortable as ever…

Bonnie feels comfortable in only a few places in the house… anywhere else, she’s a wreck when anyone else is in the same space. I walked into the living room to find this silly mess.

Bonnie The Cat

Bonnie came to be petted… but still extra cautious!

Bonnie is always on the run, always scared. This day she came to be petted on her own and stayed for a while… though she was still cautious enough to listen to whatever is happening behind her.

Bonnie is looking surprised

Bonnie is looking surprised…

Bonnie hates having anyone looking at her. She loves being petted. So the best scenario for her would be for me to find her with my hand without looking at her directly – the purring won’t stop.

Bonnie is scared to be held, but purring because she's being petted

Bonnie’s internal struggle…

The internal struggle is tearing Bonnie apart. Her love for attention is completely in conflict with her fear of anyone looking at her.

Bonnie is hiding in the laundry basket

Bonnie is hiding in the laundry basket

For a cat that tries to avoid being seen most of the time, I am really surpsed she would pick a place like a laundry basket to hide in considering how many times we walk by that area. She would not jump out of the basket when she realized that she was spotted. Seems like the pile of socks in the basket was way to comfortable – even if she was a bit scared.