Resco Original Cat Nail Clippers

I purchased the Resco Cat Nail Clippers after my first trip to take my cat Castiel to get his nails cut. Castiel was my first cat and I was wary of cutting them on my own. I didn’t mind spending the extra money to make sure he wasn’t hurt by my inexperience. However, after a few failed attempts, I had to admit it was probably easier and less stressful on him to just do the dang thing myself.

I got advice from my Aunts and eventually settled on these clippers from For a regular cat, I can’t imagine there would be any issue with these clippers. Castiel on the other hand, is an older cat with two thicker claws on either of his front paws. For every other nail, the clippers work perfectly fine. For the two larger claws, the hole in the clippers is just not big enough for the nail. I ended up having to purchase another nail clipper to meet his unique needs.

I do still use these to clip Castiel’s other nails, but wish the hole had been a little bigger to meet the needs of older cats, as well as younger ones. Overall, I would recommend these to anyone with cats whose nails haven’t been impacted by age or otherwise.

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