Three-piece kitty shelf

So, for years I had a standard cat tree. However, there was not much space in my home office to keep the tree around. I have three cats and two of them enjoy supervising while I work. I purchased a set of Cat Activity Wall Shelves from Amazon made by PetFusion to start with a plan to add a second if this worked out. I installed the Cat Activity Wall Shelves and went to work.
At first, the kitties were curious but didn’t go for it while I was watching them. I started working and suddenly they realized that there’s fun to be had here.
  • The upper shelf has a soft mat that is held down by Velcro (washable)
  • The angled shelf has a scratching pad that is also attached with Velcro
  • There is also a small shelf (please see the second photo below) that has a detachable scratching pad as well.
So far so good, the kitties have not destroyed it yet and enjoy watching me type this review from the perch. I plan to order another one for the adjacent wall for my second manager. 
It is not real wood. So if that is a deal-breaker for you. Then you will need to look further or make it yourself. However, it is a well-made shelf that claims to support kitties up to 30lbs.
How it is mounted:
The shelf comes with a variety of screws. My package came with too many screws of one kind and none of another (not a big deal as I had some extras in my garage that fit fine, I assume this issue is just with my package).
If you have a stud finder, you can hit at least one of the mounting screws into the stud. If you don’t have a stud finder, it comes with drywall anchors that you just screw into the drywall with a hand screwdriver. (hint: predrill the drywall with 1/4″ drill for easier install) for studs, you just need to predrill with 1/16″)
Don’t make the angled shelf angled more than 45 degrees as kitties may not enjoy it as much if it is too steep.
Before you make any holes, make sure you make a dry-run with the positioning of the shelving to make sure you give your kitties enough room.
Please note that the side of the shelf with two little holes in the bottom side.
For best results, install the top shelf first, this way you can make sure you left enough space at the top 🙂
The shelf has a metal bracket inside. You will mount this metal bracket to the wall, the brake has two arms that insert into the shelf and then the shelf is secured to the metal bracket with two screws from the bottom.
This is a fairly easy install:
Minimum tools required: Screwdriver (Phillips head)
Recommended Tools: Stud finder, Drill, 1/16 drill bit, 1/4 drill bit, Screwdriver (Phillips head)