The Best Kitty Litter

I love my cats… so I want the best for them. When I first adopted Bonnie & Clyde, I chose a cedar based litter. They loved it, I loved it… it was great all around. One day, that specific litter was no longer being manufactured.

I purchased litter after litter only to find that my cats wanted to drop presents next to but not into the toilet.

As I tried the various litters, I found that many produce dust storms as I poured them in. Some would track all over the place. Some smelled too strong. However, they had one thing in common. They would not satisfy both Bonnie & Clyde. 

I ran across Dr. Elsey’s litter – I liked that it was a clumping litter and was advertised as low dust. I poured Dr.Elsey’s litter into the box. I turned around to find my cats directly behind me, closely inspecting the new pooping grounds.

I watched in amazement as Clyde, the pickiest cat I have ever met, climbed into the potty and went right in front of me – as much as to say, FINALLY!

I’ve been a customer now for probably 6-7 years. What makes it even better, is that I have a subscription setup through Amazon to deliver Dr. Elsey’s Ultra kitty litter every month – this way, I am never out.