COVID and Kitties

Castiel, friend of REDS CATS, wants you to stay informed

In the enormous amount of information we are learning about our new world with COVID-19, there seems to be quite a bit of news reassuring us that no, we cannot catch COVID-19 from our pets. To be fair, my cat’s social life isn’t exactly booming. Where exactly is he contracting this virus? Nonetheless, people seem to be comforted that their pets won’t be passing the virus along to them.

However, if you’re like me, you weren’t concerned that your furry friend would be passing COVID-19 along to you, but more concerned that you may be passing it to them! Where are those articles? So I did a little bit of research on the CDC Website to put my mind at ease.

What are the experts saying?

According to the CDC, there have been no reports in the United States of any pets receiving COVID-19 from their owners. Though there have been reports of pets in other countries becoming sick with the disease, the veracity of these reports cannot be confirmed.

Unfortunately, though no cases have been reported, studies show that cats are particularly susceptible to the disease. According to The World Organisation for Animal Health, referenced by the CDC, “Preliminary findings from laboratory studies suggest that, of the animal species investigated so far, cats are the most susceptible species for COVID-19, and cats can be affected with clinical disease. In the laboratory setting cats were able to transmit infection to other cats”. The Oregon Veterinary Medical Association also confirms this.

But don’t let these reports scare you! All sources agree that the probability of your feline catching COVID-19 is very low. If you are feeling sick, maintain the same precautions you would for the rest of your family members. Quarantine yourself, if possible, and have another family member care for your cat when you are sick. If you maintain these guidelines, your feline friend will stay healthy and strong. So you don’t have to worry about cutting down on cuddle time anytime soon.

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